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DG-500 Data Logger + Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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About The DG-500 Data Logger

The GlobalSat DG-500 is a GPS data logger that records tracking data from the received GPS signal. The DG-500 records time, the date, traveling speed, altitude and GPS location at preset intervals. All you need to do is download the recorded GPS track log information by connecting the DG-500 via USB to your PC or Mac. The data can easily be downloaded using the DG-500 Software and view it on Google Maps. The DG-500 is also ideal for Photo-geotagging.


DATA LOGGER for recording the traveled path data (requires microSD Card)

Compact and portable

Supports USB Mass storage

Supports MicroSD card up to 32GB (NOT INCLUDED)

Waypoints with location, time, date, speed, altitude

Built-in high efficiency Li-Ion battery

Press to save a waypoint

Micro USB port for charging

GPS fix status shown by LED

Battery power low shown by LED

Memory full shown by LED

Charging shown by LED

Water-resistance IPX4

Built-in Bluetooth for BT GPS Receiver function


• DG-500 GPS Data Logger
• USB Cable
• Quick Start Guide

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